SONNTAG, 28. JULI 2024 09:30 – 12:30 Uhr

In this workshop we will go deep into fundamentals of inversions and arm balances.

We will see how we can apply these fundamentals in every asana so our practice becomes more grounded and complete.
Finding new connections between postures will allow us to expand the limits of our body and mind leading us to complete unity.

Strong roots, presence and high concentration will allow us to work on advanced asanas like; Funky Flying Bakasana, Flying Bakasana, Funky Pincha.

Moreover we will be observing and learning about the foundations so we can cultivate healthy and consistent practice.


Hello friends. My name is Mustafa Kombos.

 My teaching is inspired by many different cultures, philosophies and practices.
On the mat, i offer different movements and ways to reach physical awareness and unity as a gateway to reach subtle realms of our experience and existence.

Yoga happens every moment every where. It is the breath we inhale and the step that we take. It is our journey of searching, discovering and connecting with ourselves, people around and the nature.
Ancient knowledge of yoga guides me through this path of enlightenment and I am grateful to be able to transfer this knowledge to all with love and kindness.


Kosten: 39,- €